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    What is SEO?

    SEO is an acronym used for Search Engine Optimization, the process of improving visibility of a website or a web page on a search engine. Search Engine Optimization is a technique that helps search engines find and rank your site higher than the millions of other websites in response to a search query.

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    What is the SEO ROCKET BAR?

    A unique proprietary technology that automatically rocket’s a website’s ranking status.

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    Do I have to have a website to use the Rocket Bar?

    Yes. SEO ROCKET BAR “ROCKETS” website rankings so a website is required.

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    How does the Rocket Bar work?

    The Rocket Bar utilizes a proprietary technology to manage and direct traffic to a Website, increase sites linking in, utilize a backlink network and connect with ranked Websites.

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    Is the SEO Rocket Bar compliant with Google?

    Yes. SEO ROCKET BAR monitors compliance and routinely checks with Google to maintain current standards

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    How does the SEO ROCKET BAR get installed?

    A SEO ROCKET BAR technician strategically installs the proprietary code in the website for maximum benefit. The installation can be either visible or invisible.

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    How long does it take to get installed?

    We strive to have all SEO ROCKET BAR installations complete within two business days depending on how many installations are in the queue. The waiting period can take anywhere from 48 hours to a week based on orders received.

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    Who is going to be installing this on my site?

    A qualified technician must complete the installation.

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    If the SEO ROCKET BAR installation is visible what will viewers see on my website?

    The SEO ROCKET BAR is installed in the global footer displaying three to five logos of various booster bar clients and link to the client website.

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    Will my logo appear on other SEO ROCKET BAR client websites?

    Yes! Your company will receive exposure on literally hundreds of websites at any given time through the SEO Rocket Bar Network.

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    Where does the traffic come from?

    Traffic is generated online and managed in the Rocket Bar global network.

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    Can the SEO ROCKET BAR increase sales on my website?

    The SEO ROCKET BAR “Boosts” your SEO Strategy. As a stand alone product SEO ROCKET BAR will increase page and search engine rankings over time making your website easier
    to find in searches. Utilizing the Booster Bar along with other SEO strategies can Increase sales.

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    How much traffic will my website receive?

    Traffic is managed to prevent server overload. Websites typically receive seven to thirteen thousand views per day based on server capacity.

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    Does SEO ROCKET Bar require maintenance?

    Once installed, the ROCKET Bar provides continuous traffic around the clock. No maintenance is required by the client.

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    Is there a fee required for installation?

    YES. Installation protocols vary from website to website and require a qualified
    technician to complete. The installation fee is $99.00

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    How soon will I see traffic on my website?

    Once the installation is completed the traffic is immediate.

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    How will this affect my analytics?

    Your website will see an increase in traffic and over time an improvement in ranking

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    Why doesn’t this do all of my SEO instead of just boost what I’m doing?

    SEO is the process of maximizing the number of visitors to a particular website by ensuring that the site appears high on the list of results returned by a search engine.The SEO ROCKET BAR “Boosts” the strategies and supports four of the six spheres of SEO but is
    not a stand alone solution.

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    Does the SEO ROCKET BAR provide “organic” website traffic?

    Organic traffic is defined as traffic generated from unpaid search results. The majority of the SEO ROCKET BAR traffic is not organic traffic.

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    Why should I get the SEO ROCKET BAR if it doesn’t bring sales to my site?

    The SEO ROCKET BAR will bring you more traffic, increase your page ranking over time and make your website easier to locate in the search engine results.

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    Why do I need to provide 3 URLs & my logo for the SEO ROCKET BAR?

    We require multiple url’s to manage the bounce rate. The logo is required for your link to be visually acknowledged and linked from other sites in the network.

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    Does the SEO ROCKET BAR require a long-term contract?

    No. SEO ROCKET BAR services are provided through a monthly subscription that can be cancelled anytime.

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    How many SEO ROCKET BAR subscriptions do I need?

    One subscription per website.

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Give Your Website the Boost it Deserves

SEO is critical to your website, your business and your life especially if you’re hoping to make a splash online. Traditionally, improving SEO is expensive and time consuming, often requiring costly experts who deliver little on their promise.  And lets face it.  The technical world of folks is sometimes not the most easy to deal with.  You have all had experiences calling in Tech Support or having to hire some sort of tech person to help you.

Sound familiar? Time to check out the SEO Rocket Bar, an automated piece of SEO genius that will dramatically improve your website popularity, traffic and even website ranking over time!  Rankings on Google and are vitally important to the success of your website and your business. Let this automated tool help, even while you sleep!

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The Six Spheres of Website Optimization

It may be true — perhaps no one knows the exact formula that Google uses (other than Google lol), there are a few critical components or ‘spheres’ of SEO that provide the best chance of successful optimization. These six spheres, when used together, are the best defense against the ever-changing Google algorithms, offering maximum SEO success.  Try to say that 6 times fast!

We have written a small blog series about these 6 Spheres – if you are interested in a more elaborate explanation, CLICK HERE to start the series! Bookmark the page, share it with your downline, share it with anyone that could use some help in the marketing world and their website just is not getting enough traffic.

This will help!  Not only is this great for traditional businesses, offline and online, this is also a great tool for the growing Internet Marketing world of business opportunities!

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Take a Test Drive with SEO Rocket Bar!

Test drive the SEO Rocket Bar for one week, absolutely RISK FREE and watch your stats soar. You’ll receive daily analytics to track exactly how many views are being driven to your site. We will also have a google analytics training to show you HOW to use the data you are collecting to your advantage. We will show you WHAT is working, how to elaborate on that and stop wasting time and effort on business practices and other SEO plugins that flat out do not work.

We are so confident in our product, we are offering this one week RISK FREE trial! If you are not happy with seeing a tremendous amount MORE traffic on your blog, your business website, your internet marketing capture page, you can exercise your rights to refund.  But we really don’t think that will happen!

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SEO Rocket Bar Web Optimizer

When you purchase the SEO Rocket Bar, your website gets an immediate boost! Thanks to the Boost Bar Web Optimizer (included with every Booster installation) your website will be primed for maximum results. The Web Optimizer includes the following Rocket Bar prep & installation:

* Optimizes all metadata on your website (up to 25 pages)

* Applies the SEO Rocket Bar backlink cloud

* Installs Google analytics and/or ensure it’s set up properly

* Installs the SEO Rocket Bar

Once you start to build your roots in the Search Engine Optimization world, by creating good content, following the 6 Spheres, syndicating and properly sharing your content to relevant websites – you will really start to see a difference in the traffic you bring in.  You may not be getting the traffic you desire right now, and that is okay, we are here to help.  But once we DO help you – the results will be fantastic and to your liking!

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