An Essential Training Task List for Junior SEOs

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Posted by DaveSottimanoLet’s face it: SEO isn’t as black & white as most marketing channels. In my opinion, to become a true professional requires a broad skill set. It’s not that a professional SEO needs to know the answer for everything; rather, it’s more important to have the skills to be able to find the answer.
I’m really pleased with the results of various bits of training I’ve put together for successful juniors over the years, so I think it’s time to share.
This is a Junior SEO task list designed to help new starters in the field get the right skills by doing hands-on jobs, and possibly to help find a specialism in SEO or digital marketing.
How long should this take? Let’s ballpark at 60–90 days.
Before anything, here’s some prerequisite reading:
Moz Beginner’s Guide to SEO
Google’s SEO Starter Guide
Official Google Webmaster Guidelines
How does the Internet work?
How the Web works
What is a domain name?
What is the difference between webpage, website, web server, and search engine?
What is a web server?
Project 1 – Technical Fundamentals: Master the lingo and have a decent idea of how the Internet works before they start having conversations with developers or contributing online. Have the trainee answer the following questions. To demonstrate that they understand, have them answer the questions using analogies. Take inspiration from this post.
Must be able to answer the following in detail:
What is HTTP / HTTPS / HTTP2? Explain connections and how they flow.
Do root domains have trailing slashes?
What are the fundamental parts of a URL?
What is “www,” anyway?
What are generic ccTLDs?
Describe the transaction between client and server?
What do we mean when we say “client side” and “server side?”
Name 3 common servers. Explain each one.
How does DNS work?
What are ports?
How do I see/find my public IP address?
What is a proxy server?
What is a

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