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A Pretty Good SVG Icon System

By seorocket / a day ago

I’ve long advocated SVG icon systems. Still do. To name a few benefits: vector-based icons look great in a high pixel density world, SVG offers lots of design control, and they are predictable and performant. I’ve also often advocated for a SVG icon system that is based on <symbol>s (an “SVG sprite”) and the <use> […]


7 Simple, No-Brainer Experiments for A/B Testing Newbies

By seorocket / yesterday

Marketers, developers, site admins—whoever you are, you got to love the person who created the A/B test. I like to imagine them sitting at their desk one day, frustrated with how much time they were spending revising a client’s website, but with little payoff to show for it in the end. Then a literal lightbulb […]


Creating a Design System Process with UXPin

By seorocket / a couple of days ago

There’s never a better time to work in software. Developers and designers are among the most desired people on the market. Companies all over the world seem to have a never-ending thirst for software experts. In 2003 the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimated the number of software engineers working in the US to be […]

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