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Google Tag Manager: an introduction

By seorocket / a couple of weeks ago

Perhaps you’ve heard about it: Google Tag Manager. Google introduced this tool 5 years ago, a tool that would make marketers less dependent on developers and that would, therefore, speed up your marketing process. Google Tag Manager has evolved over the years becoming a more complete and easy to use tool. Here I want to […]


14 Sneaky Online Tools to Help You Spy on Your Site’s Visitors

By seorocket / 6 months ago

You’re in business to cater to your audience, right? In person. Over the phone. Via email. And even passively through your website. Whether they’re prospective customers just checking out your site, loyal subscribers who have yet to purchase anything, or actual paying customers, it doesn’t matter. Every point of contact you have with them counts. […]


Google Search Console: Search Appearance

By seorocket / 7 months ago

There are a lot of ways to check how your website’s doing these days. The most common one people use is probably Google Analytics. Google Analytics is definitely a great tool for monitoring your site. However, since the ‘not provided’ development, it’s become pretty hard to monitor your SEO efforts. And unfortunately, most tools that […]


Website maintenance: 404 error pages

By seorocket / 8 months ago

If your website means anything for your business, you should not forget to schedule time to do maintenance on it. Therefore we regularly write about the things you should do to keep your site in shape. In this post we’ll write about the most basic of all: checking for 404 error pages. Note: this post does not cover how to […]

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