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What is Packagist and Why You Need It for WordPress Development

By seorocket / last week

If there’s one important lesson I’ve learned in my years of working with WordPress, it’s that if you can find a way to do less work, absolutely take it. Obviously, I’m not encouraging careless development work. What I am an advocate for, however, is employing a series of tools that cut out unnecessary, repetitive steps […]


Announcing Composer Support for WPMU DEV Products

By seorocket / 11 months ago

Automating WordPress installs and test builds is now even easier for developers with WPMU DEV’s new Composer repository. Composer, a command line dependency management tool for PHP, has been quickly gaining popularity. Basically, if you like to automate your builds, deploys or updates via tools like Git, Capistrano, or, then Composer makes it simple to […]