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7 Simple, No-Brainer Experiments for A/B Testing Newbies

By seorocket / 5 days ago

Marketers, developers, site admins—whoever you are, you got to love the person who created the A/B test. I like to imagine them sitting at their desk one day, frustrated with how much time they were spending revising a client’s website, but with little payoff to show for it in the end. Then a literal lightbulb […]


Working With Clients Who Want a Redesign: A Rebranding Checklist

By seorocket / 7 days ago

So, you’ve been approached by a client to help with rebranding their WordPress site. That can be a tricky request. When you’re the one initiating a redesign, you’re prepared for the conversation. You’ve assessed the “suckage” of their website and understand why it’s a fixer-upper.When they come to you wanting a rebrand, it isn’t as […]


How We Host WordPress: Infinite Scale, Redundancy, and Code Audits

By seorocket / last week

We host millions of sites across our CampusPress and WPMU DEV Hosting platforms. And we’re also behind Edublogs, likely the largest WordPress Multisite network in the world (if you don’t count Over the past 11+ years of building and growing these services, we’ve evolved everything that we do. We’ve made mistakes, learned a good deal, […]

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