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Simplifying CSS Cubes with Custom Properties

By seorocket / last month

I know there are a ton of pure CSS cube tutorials out there. I’ve done a few myself. But for mid-2017, when CSS Custom Properties are supported in all major desktop browsers, they all feel… outdated and very WET. I thought I should do something to fix this problem, so this article was born. It’s […]


Reactive Audio WebVR

By seorocket / a few months ago

Virtual reality has become a thing again! All of the usual suspects are involved: HTC, Microsoft, Samsung, and Facebook, among others, are all peddling their respective devices. These predictable players shouldn’t be having all the fun, though! You make websites. You know a bit of Javascript. You have a mobile device. You can have a […]


The State of Responsive 3D Shapes

By seorocket / 7 months ago

As some people might know, I’ve always loved 3D geometry. Which has meant getting drawn towards playing with CSS 3D transforms in order to create various geometric shapes. I’ve built a huge collection of such demos, which you can check out on CodePen. Because of this, I’ve often been asked whether it would be possible […]

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