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CSS-Tricks Chronicle XXXI

By seorocket / a couple of months ago

All the latest happenings! As I like to do, I round up a bunch of things that have happened in the past few months around here on this site, over at CodePen and ShopTalk, and other sites where I got to be a guest or was involved somehow. There has been some big releases, some […]


CSS-Tricks Chronicle XXX

By seorocket / a few months ago

I got a chance to be on the Thunder Nerds podcast the other week, on the episode 55 – Down Wit SVG? Yeah You Know Me with Chris Coyier. We got to talk about a variety of things that I work on, including Practical SVG, CodePen, this site, ShopTalk, and upcoming conferences. Speaking of which… […]


CSS-Tricks Chronicle XXIX

By seorocket / 8 months ago

A round up of goings-on related to me, this site, and related projects, as we are wont to do once in a while. I’ve had the good fortune of being a guest on a number of podcasts lately, so I’ll link up those. I’ll share some upcoming conferences I’ll be at and news from CodePen […]


CSS-Tricks Chronicle XXVIII

By seorocket / 11 months ago

I was interviewed by Justin Crawford on the Mozilla Hacks blog about cross browser compatibility. What motivates you to make the extra effort to build a cross-browser compatible site? Money. People pay for websites that work for them. Here’s a little example: Just last week we were working on some drag-and-drop functionality in a new […]

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