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Build a Custom Serverless CMS: Part 2

By seorocket / a few months ago

In our previous proof-of-concept demo, we built a bare bones admin for generating a web page with the ability to edit some text on the page and set the site title and description. For this next demo, we build on our example and add rich text editing and image upload capabilities. Article Series: Build a […]


Free, faster.

By seorocket / 6 months ago

Ethan Marcotte, on time- and budget-constrained organizations websites: Between the urgency of their work and the size of their resources, spending months on a full redesign isn’t something they can afford to do. Given that, a free theme for, say, WordPress can yield a considerable amount of value, especially to budget-constrained organizations. They can launch […]


Build a Custom CMS for a Serverless Static Site Generator

By seorocket / 7 months ago

Static Site Website Generators have been getting increasingly popular within the last 2 years. Much has been written (like this and this) and there have been many great open source projects and even funded companies launched to help you get up and running. What if I told you that you could build a Static Site […]


The API-Based CMS Approach

By seorocket / 9 months ago

The following is a post by Levi Gable. Levi digs into the idea of separating the CMS from the presentation of content within that CMS. As Levi will explain, there is a freedom there that can feel mighty good to a web developer. A website can digest an API and present content in whatever the […]

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