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How Can I Make My Icon System Accessible?

By seorocket / a couple of months ago

Here’s a question I got the other day? Would you suggest icon fonts or inline SVGs for a complex single page application? And are there specific accessibility concerns for either? Accessibility is especially important for us because schools use our products. I ask because we are currently in the process of unifying and setting up […]


Etsy’s Evolving Icon System

By seorocket / 7 months ago

Etsy moves away from an icon font in production to using SVG. It’s going to be an inline <svg> system, but abstracted as a <etsy-icon> custom element for ease of use. Two cents: I could see the need for that abstraction going away if we had a more convient syntax for <use> available, like: <svg […]



By seorocket / 8 months ago

High five to Dave Gandy and the Font Awesome team: The Font Awesome 5 Kickstarter raised $1,076,940 with 35,549 backers, making it the most funded and most backed software Kickstarter of all time. What’s do the funders get? 1,000 more icons, icon font ligatures (a uniquely cool thing fonts can do, like turn “right arrow” […]



By seorocket / 10 months ago

Wenting Zhang created 512 (!) icons with just HTML and CSS. Usually just one element, the occasional extra element thrown in, and drawn with things like borders, backgrounds, and box-shadows. Looks like the same bug bit Wenting that bit Nicolas Gallagher. Taking the shapes that CSS can make and combining them to draw. Predictably, I’m […]

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