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Between the Lines

By seorocket / a few months ago

Media queries are great for changing values in sudden snaps at different screen sizes. But, combining the power of calc() and viewport units like vw and vh , we can get an awful lot of fluidity across our layouts. For this we’ll use a technique called linear interpolation. Linear interpolation is a formula used to […]


Do responsive sites have to be so tall on mobile?

By seorocket / 6 months ago

Kevin Vigneault: I don’t believe that the overall page length itself is inherently problematic. I have noticed though that in many responsive designs, purposeful groupings of content are easy to spot on larger screens, but get muddled when things start to stack on mobile screens. This is probably mostly a problem on “content” sites in […]


Scaling Responsive Animations

By seorocket / 8 months ago

Scaling our websites and applications so that they look great on every screen can be difficult. A big portion of that difficulty can be trying to get specific components, particularly ones that have pieces that have to stay a certain size (like animations), to look good regardless of the screen size. In this post, we’ll […]


Responsive Image Breakpoints Generator

By seorocket / 10 months ago

I’m guilty of using responsive images by taking a high res image and downsizing it a few times kinda randomly and using those as the srcset images. Basically the same “desktop”, “tablet”, “mobile” thinking I can also be guilty of with breakpoints. Soooo what is the perfect way to do responsive images? Ideally we’d be […]

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