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Saving SVG with Space Around It from Illustrator

By seorocket / 5 days ago

Say you have a graphic like this in Adobe Illustrator: Note how the art doesn’t touch the edges of the artboard. Say you want that space around it, and you want to save it as SVG for use on the web. Nope: Save for Web THE CLAW! You’ll see space around here, but unfortunately the […]


One Illustration, Three SVG outputs

By seorocket / 4 weeks ago

Let’s say we draw the same vector graphic in different design applications and export each one as SVG for use on the web. Should we expect the same SVG file from each application? On the one hand, we might expect each file to be the same because of our past history with exporting images. Applications […]


Glue Cross-Browser Responsive Irregular Images with Sticky Tape

By seorocket / last month

I recently came across this Atlas of Makers by Vasilis van Gemert. Its fun and quirky appearance made me look under the hood and it was certainly worth it! What I discovered is that it was actually built making use of really cool features that so many articles and talks have been written about over […]

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